We're looking forward to your visit with us at The Channel Lane Inn. In the calendar below, dates showing reservations for given rooms refer to that night’s stay.  For example, a “#3 RESERVED” on a Monday refers to one standard room (#3) reserved for Monday night.  And, since we have 6 standard rooms (blue rooms on the calendar), if you see only 4 standard rooms reserved on a given evening, that means we probably have 2 standard rooms left!

We keep the calendar below updated with our latest information for your scheduling convenience.

We also maintain “waiting lists” for our rooms. If we have cancellations, we’ll contact you. We will do our best to accommodate you and let you know what’s happening with your reservation request, but please remember that we cannot guarantee availability.

Please call us at (231) 869.5766 for Reservations or Waiting List Requests.